Artex Development is a team of amateur developers who are passionate about programming, design and computer science in general. The team collaborates on a number of public projects in order to bring useful tools and services to everyone. Artex Development team members have experience building websites and both desktop and mobile applications. Along with that, each member loves to dive into new topics and projects.

Programming is one of my favorite pastimes and I love to maintain projects that everyone can benefit from and contribute to. Since I started programming, I have gained experience in creating websites and both desktop and mobile applications. I have used my knowledge to create numerous projects and most my public work is available on GitHub. I welcome criticism and contributions to better my work from anyone.

Besides programming, I also love photography, graphic design and playing a number of online games. Although I do not sell or distribute the graphics that I create, I hope that my designs can inspire others to learn more about topics and activities that they love. The games that I play most often include Rocket League, Minecraft, Warface and Fortnite and I can sometimes be found streaming a number of different games on Twitch.